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Safety and reliable

We consider it essential for you to feel at home while you learning with us.

Customised Solutions

Specialists at adapting to the individual needs of each client.

Global Shipping

We provide advice to all parts of the world in the most immediate and innovative way.

Network Connectivity

We are the link between our clients in the crypto world. Chats, Trading and even NFT Projects.


We are the meeting point between your crypto and your finances in the world of digital currencies.


We make this process as easy as possible for any user. You will be able to operate with any type of token, using only your mobile phone.

Looking for the best physical Exchange?

We are proud of having the LOWEST COMMISSION IN THE MARKET.

Professionals of the crypto world.

If you still don't know what cryptocurrencies really are, how they work, what their potential is, what they solve and how you should start, we will be happy to guide you through each and every detail, so that you can take your first steps safely and successfully in this exciting ecosystem.

Bitcoin may be the most popular token, but it's definitely not the only one…

You will learn about different crypto projects.

Whether you are an experienced user or a first time user, we can make sure that you'll find in us an exciting place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies that will satisfy all your needs.

You are looking for the best physical currency exchange?

We are proud of having the LOWEST COMMISSION IN THE MARKET.

Do you come with your car? 

For us, it is essential that our customers receive the attention they deserve, and that is why we have an EXCLUSIVE PARKING facility for all our customers.

Crypto Safety Accessories 

We have the best Cold Wallets on the market, which provide us with a higher level of security than hot wallets, allowing us to protect our cryptocurrencies and NFT's in the safest way. You can purchase them in our shop immediately.

Exclusive Merch 

Unique merchandising for crypto world lovers. T-shirts, hoodies, keychains, caps, bracelets and much more. Special accessories and decorative NFT's from some of our favourite projects.

Roadmap 2.0


Crypto Trainings

Formative courses in which we'll explore the fundamental concepts of this great ecosystem, helping you to take your first solid steps in the Crypto world.

Crypto Talks

We will organize cocktails and talks for the GBTC BORN community. Everyone can participate. Both traders and those who are immersed in the NFT world, as well as those who simply have a general interest in the Crypto world.

Airdrops & Giveaways!

Important AIRDROPS and GIVEAWAYS, which are just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits for all the GBTC BORN community to enjoy. To the moon!

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